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Our beef mince is one of our best-sellers (with approx. 10% fat content). It’s packed with flavour, making it a great base for chilli, lasagne and even for making your own burgers.

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How To Cook

  • Finely dice an onion and cook down with some butter for 5-10 minutes. until transparent.
  • Add the beef mince to the pan and cook on a medium heat for five minutes.
  • To the pan add a tin of plum tomatos, a clove of garlic, a few springs of fresh thyme and a splash of Worcestershire sauce.
  • Cook for 15 minutes and serve with pasta.

How We Rear Our Grass Fed Beef

We rear a traditional English breed of cattle. Our traditional Hereford cattle are slowly and naturally reared outside on a grass and forage-fed diet. We are passionate about grass-fed beef to improve the well-being of our cattle and the quality of their meat. Widely believed to be some of the highest quality in the world, grass-fed beef boasts improved ratios of omega 3 and higher nutrient density.

Based on 2 reviews
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  1. Claire Smith

    Our family love this beef mince, perfect for spaghetti bolognaise

  2. Kelly (verified owner)

    This mince makes great burgers, it’s full of flavour so you don’t need to cover it with a ton of tomato sauce!

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